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After a short hiatus Hungry Music returns with an array of new releases as well as remixes celebrating the second anniversary of Worakls’ groundbreaking 2019 “Orchestra” album.


Following Ben Böhmer’s brilliant “Red Dressed” remix, which was released back in December, it is now time to welcome Mark Höffen and Patrice Bäumel to the label with their own very special Worakls interpretations!

Mark Höffen has transformed “Hortari” into a cutting edge dancefloor adventure! Mark has found a way to merge the breathtaking orchestral elements of the original version, with a his very own trademark sound of intense grooves, rolling warm sub frequencies and exceptional melodic layers.

Next up is Patrice Bäumel’s “Detached Motion” remix! Patrice’s spectacular version is a slow-burning master piece, that continuously builds tension and energy. He lays the focus on morphing, soaring synth sounds alongside a booming bassline and mesmerising strings.