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WeArt is truly an institution of the cultural life in the PACA region thanks to a bunch of events that were organized each year. This huge dynamism allowed WeArt to be rewarded and granted an access in the program of the European Capital of Culture “Marseille-Provence 2013”. Organized as a festival, the last event “WeArt Together!” reunited more than 15,000 music lovers at the “Dock des Suds” area in Marseille on the 31 october 2016. Throughout its existence WeArt was established as institution and a main event if the region.

Hungry Music Logo

The years of experience in artist management, booking and production have made of Hungry Music the gigantic projet it is now. Dancecode is the very source of this so colored universe: picking the artists, the technical nature of the sound, the lights, the management of the external shows and of the organization of its own events. Offering different kind of events, (Hungry Band; Hungry 5; Label Showcase; or artists in solo), the Hungry Parties completely fill up the most prestigious venues such as L’Olympia Paris.

Bloc Aix

BLOC, a large-scale project with the renovation of the Hotbrass establishment, stack up a well-calibrated sound system alongside a perfect light show. It’s in an environment worthy of the european “warehouses” that are invited headliners of the wordlwide electronic music scene. And it is with the wish of offering a complete experience and to keep the establishment mysterious, that the communication around the BLOC events is made out of teasers inspired of the biggest TV Shows.

Sueno Festival

« Sueño », literally « dream » in Spanish, symbolizes the essence of this Open Air Event in the PACA region. Are present worldwide known artists programmed for their enjoyable music but that’s not everything. To make the public fly and travel during this event, the point of honor is in the ornaments and embellishments of the space, with natural and green elements such as big plants and creepers. Inside the festival, attenders can find body-painting stands so that they perfectly match the surrounding environment. The whole situation creates a very specific mood that only Sueño has been able to provide. As for the drinks, unique cocktails have been imagined for this specific show, fruits and tapas are also available to everyone. We also cover transportations: shuttles are provided to those « dreamers » from Aix-en-Provence to the event location. Sueño’s focus is on our attenders’ well-being and their overall experience.

Marseille Music Experience

Marseille Music Experience is the result of a collaboration between the festival Acontraluz and WeArt, cultural projects that shined over the PACA region. The purpose is here to create a targeted network on a national and international scale and to work toward a shining marseillaise music scene. The whole Marseille Music Experience  include a music festival entirely dedicated to independent electronic and digital cultures where music, design and visuals are embellishing each other. This festival shifts the famous french city in a free space during 10 jours. Afterworks, free live shows, events during the entire day in worshiped spots of the city, conferences and a closing festival at the Mucem Espanade J4 reuniting international artists evolving in the electro and hip-hop scene are among the activities offered during this experience.

Worakls Orchestra

Worakls Orchestra is a long-due project stacking up two different worlds: the emotions found in the classic with the energy and liberty that the electronic has to offer. The show benefits from a very cautious preparation thanks to the experience of Dancecode accumulated throughout the years. Everything is made to bring life to each and every one of the artists’ tracks. The ten first dates of his tour of the most prestigious French and European venues were sold-out (Olympia Paris, Nuits Botaniques Bruxelles, Silo Marseille, Transbordeur Lyon), and the vibe keeps growing. Alongside the artist, 20 well-selected musicians have been chosen to play with their instruments in order to embellish the album, creating an entire and unique experience.

Purplez festival

Purplez was the renewal that the rap / hip-hop scene needed. Organized in co-production, the basic concept is to offer a tailored and pumping show by inviting confirmed artists of the region while creating an opportunity to the most promising local talents. It is one of the first appearances of Kemmler, the freshly broadcasted rapper.

Rise Logo

Rise, it’s the quintessence of the nightlife creating a dynamic around the southern music establishments ! With an underground musical style, it’s in the most shady and classy conditions that the most famous international artists came to turn upside down the Villa Rouge and the Dieze around Montpellier, as well as the Spartacus and the Baby Club around Marseille. Sam Paganini, Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler are among those prestigious guests that made entire crowds go crazy.

United Festival Logo

United, it’s before anything else 14 years of existence and not a single show without the crowd ending up exhausted over the tech-house sound and its thematics. It is without any kind of doubt one of the major actor of the nightlife in the Montpellier area. Nowadays, it’s with a firm drive that United brings to the stage confirmed local DJs to make this so-enjoyable breeze last longer the time of multiple events. It’s with a completely sold-out Zenith used as annual rendez-vous that artists such as Sven Väth, Nina Kraviz or Paul Kalkbrenner come to enjoy with an old and loyal crew.