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Found in front of the public pool of a small French Provence town, the new Sinners recruit is struck with deep amnesia and don’t remember his past, except this «rhythm that haunts him».


Since then, he placed all of his energy into this echoing souvenir, and tried to put all the pieces back together again with his first EP on the label, « The girl who found me ».

“The girl who found me is an homage to the young woman who discovered me after I woke up. If I don’t know her name, I will remember her long blond hair and the blue of her eyes, a deep blue that you just can’t forget. Maybe she could have answered the questions I’m obsessed with, and tell me what I was doing there… Who I am…”

“Nearly is undoubtedly the word that fits me the most since the amnesia took over, forcing me to assemble pieces of a puzzle I can never finish.”

With these two techno yet melodic productions, Wojmann sets the starting point of a new story which could be romantic, and will be poetic for sure but never nostalgic as, well, the past is forgotten.

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