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At the end of last year, Aalson was channeling his frustration and making the most of the absence of concerts and events to create “Failure”. The French artist keeps reinventing himself with the release of his new “Crystal” outing on Sinners.


“Crystal” is also the name of the releases’  first track. Just like a gem, the track is extremely polished and carefully composed. It carries a delicate and touching mood, and the artist’s intentions gently becomes clear as day as the track evolves. Only one thing left to do: Get carried away!

With “Blind Moment”, Aalson tried to overcome his limits by trying out new production techniques and focusing on the emotional aspects of composing.

“I challenged myself with the idea of writing through jamming, improvising on my machines, without using the computer. It’s a very  instinctive method that allowed me to go beyond the Ableton grid and codes. It was also the occasion for me to try out a new rhythmical structure based on the Drum & Bass genre. I actually decided to record the first take and forbade myself to ever re-record it in order to protect the spontaneity of that take. I felt so many emotions on the first record, it was quite a special moment of shivers and even tears, the experience was really powerful” Aalson

Once again, the result is in complete osmosis with the Sinners imprint. The music Aalson delivers is sincere and full of emotions, as the artist asserts himself progressively throughout his compositions.

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