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After being introduced as the new art director for the Sinners label, Aalson closes the year with a very unique and personal project : creating a track that can be listened both ways.

Fond of movies and techno music, Aalson creates a universe that is unique to him by combining those two strong influences. With his releases on Spectrum, Joris Voorn’s label, Sinners, Atlant or Stil Vor Talent, performances in the most renowned venues across Europe (Fabric London, T7 Paris, Le Bikini Toulouse or Fuse Brussels) alongside the biggest names on the scene (Worakls, Sam Paganini, Extrawelt), he confirms once more the depth offered of his musical cruise.

The gamble “Rêver” seems crazy and unimaginable : “What if I could create a track that can  be listened both ways (the normal way, and in the reversed way) ? A musical palindrome. The inspiration came to him while watching one of those movies with a synopsis this twisted that it sometimes require multiple viewing.

After months of thinking, sketches, drawings, the artist dove into the making of this project which introduced technical and conceptual challenges : every element of the track had to work in the normal and reversed way, and this, through 3 fundamentals dimensions :

Audio Waves Aalson Rever EP
Audio waves of both tracks from the “Rêver” project

The sound design : producing each element in the aim for it to be working in the normal way as well as in the reversed way. The musical composition : creating a “symmetrical harmonic evolution”, meaning a melody faithfully transcribing the given emotion independently of the way the track is listened to. The track construction “in time” : offering a unique and evolutive where each parts could be swapped with each other (creating an intro that could work as an outro, and viceversa). In order to allow some lingering doubt, the artist blent reversed elements in the normal version of the tack (or the other way around…).

It’s after this conscientious work that Aalson could listen to his track both ways. And since it was a composition by anticipation :

“It is only when I discovered the reversed track, that I understood I succeeded“ – Aalson

To go along this special EP, Aalson also wanted to set the music to images. And what more suitable than to reuse the same constraints and transpose them to the video ? Thus the artist delivers with his track a videoclip that can be watched both ways, moreover allowing the listener to understand better the work accomplished on the sound. Through all those visual and auditive details, perhaps Aalson invites us to ask ourselves ”Isn’t the way only a matter of point of view?”

Aalson - Rêver (Official Videoclip)

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