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From writing to composing and interpreting, this artist taken straight from the famous Marseille district of La Castellane finds inspiration in his daily life.


Inspired by his elders, Achim transcribes a mature and sophisticated vision in his pieces, and draws a fair portrait of life in difficult neighborhoods, at a time in which social networks are taking more and more space in the collective imaginary.

Achim enters the rap scene and imposes his universe with first single « Mets dans l’assiette ».

A strong piece, with its heady chorus and instrumental, in which the artist opposes major themes from our era, and underlines the paradoxes inhabiting today’s world. On these ego- tripping canvas, Achim takes a seat at the french rap scene table and grabs his part of the cake.

The video
Echoing the lyrics, the video directed by the artist himself alongside his friend Alexandre Lhote, accumulates contradictions and paradoxes. The main character, played by Achim, goes from references of “The Last Supper” by Da Vinci to Botticelli’s “map of hell” : sometimes alone, sometimes with company. Sometimes alone but often multiplied.

Paintings references keep appearing at a furious rhythm, perfectly illustrating this intense piece composed by Achim.

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