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Worakls’ very first album. It’s after a decade of waiting that Worakls delivers his first solo album, named “Orchestra”. The co-founder of the Hungry Music label lets his influences of classical music be fully expressed by incorporating them into his wonderland of electronic music. This album is accompanied by a tour of the most prestigious halls in Europe where Worakls performs alongside the Fourvière Orchestra, composed of 20 very talented musicians.

The strength of this show lies in the fact that the original music of the album was specially composed to be played with an orchestra. More than a first album, more than a show, it is the culmination of an inimitable artist, whose inspirations affect all generations of music lovers.

The video clip. The third music video of Worakls Orchestra is extracted from the short film “Nikki Marianne” by Guillaume Caramelle for which he produced the original soundtracks in 2017.

Second project of the producer where Worakls deals with the music, Nikki, is undoubtedly the clip of the album that best match his first opus “Orchestra”, the soundtrack being specifically composed to perfect the film. Illustrating the irony of modern romantic relationships, Nikki Marianne takes place at a party between high school students. Pierre, an ordinary boy, sees Nikki, a girl as beautiful as unattainable to him, succumb to the charms of a man in his thirties. Pierre is jealous. Especially since this mysterious man seems to be seducing her with a disconcerting ease…

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