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After a series of positive news and notable releases, Aalson is set to take a new step with the release of a very personal track ‘World of Reflections,’ accompanied by a music video and a tour.

Since his debut, Aalson has emerged as an innovative figure in the world of electronic music. Combining melodic elements and captivating rhythms, he has developed a unique style that allowed him to stand out and create a bond with his public. His ability to create immersive and emotional soundscapes reflecting his artistic sensibility earned him the ‘Best French Music Video’ award at this year’s ClubbingTV Awards for his project ‘Rêver’, (outshining notable competitors like The Blaze and French 79).

This year, Aalson has collaborated with remarkable artists:

Aalson - World Of Reflections Cover
Aalson – World Of Reflections Cover

Aalson keeps his momentum with his new project on Sinners: ‘World Of Reflections’. Inspired by genuine introspection and emotional honesty, this track delves into nostalgia, melancholy, and frustration. Remaining away from his ‘true self’ due to industry and club standards, he returns to his original inspirations. With pulsating rhythms and dynamic percussion throughout, it is a captivating blend of authenticity and melodic depth. An upcoming video-clip and a tour will perfect the project.

World Of Reflections Tour, tickets & infos :

Aalson – World Of Reflections :



Aalson - World Of Reflections (Official Videoclip)

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