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He was the only one missing, the third key player of the label Hungry Music invests the Dieze Warehouse in Montpellier and does not plan to party alone.

N'to & Friends - Deize

On May 11th, the public will be able to witness the performance of the famous N’to recognizable between thousands, and, to perfect the experience, the artist does not plan on coming alone and invites two regulars of the hungry parties. Elska, a young producer from Marseille with a minimalist, subtle and melodious style who signed his latest EP “mirage” on Sinners, will deliver a musical journey in harmony with the eclectic style of the headliner. Will spleen, co-founder of the WeArt Festival, the Dancecode booking agency and Manager of the Hungry Music label, and DJ since his 17 years, will also perform for the occasion and will make the public enjoy his complete experience of the electronic scene and the “Hungry” fingerprint. This promising show is going to deliver.

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